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Without crates not complete the construction of virtually any wall and floor

Many owners of private houses know how to replace his own ceiling, floor, repair all that is in the house.

This knowledge would be useful for those who live in cities.

It would seem that there is a complex to cover the floor: take the board and carpeted. However, not all so simple.

The wooden floor is not spreading directly on the concrete base.

First you need to make the crate and floor insulation.

You will need

  • Wooden reyki-
  • Powerful drel-
  • Wooden reyki-
  • Screws and dyubelya-
  • Wooden wedges, you can make from scraps tree-
  • Waterproofing gasket.



First, lay the insulating panels directlyon top of the concrete base. Cover plate waterproof seal, an area that extends beyond the premises. About the lapel on the walls, too, do not forget: the height of the wall should each be greater than the thickness of future floor. Cut the corners of the film, so that it was more convenient to wrap the walls.


Preparing ready. Now proceed to the manufacture of most crates. First, lay along the wall, and then secure the first rail, which should serve as a support for the other rails. How to do it? Through the rail with the insulation boards directly into the concrete subfloor drill hole. Attach the rail fixture with dowels, driving it into the hole and has done a good tightening screwdriver.


Therefore, the same basic principle of secure railalong the perimeter of the room. Now Lay cross rails at intervals of 50 cm. Pay attention to the same height of the resulting structure over the entire area. Measure the level of rails will help you a spirit level and wooden wedges are designed to align the wooden slats on the height, you just need to put a wedge in the necessary places under the rack.


Screw the rack to the floor all the same, as well asattached very first. Between the rails lay insulation boards. It's all. Lathing wooden floor with the insulation layer is ready. Now you can start laying the coating of boards.

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