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HOW do lamp Medusa with his own hands

How to make a lamp Medusa

Surely everyone there is a sensation that something is missing.

This feeling may be present even in the interior.

In such a case there is all kinds of crafts that complement absolutely any style of your room.

You will need

  • - Glass lampshade in the form kupola-
  • - Acrylic kraska-
  • - Fabric organza-
  • - lenty-
  • - kistochka-
  • - Adhesive pistolet-
  • - Scissors.



Take the scissors and cut out the details in organzatriangles - they will play the role of jellyfish tentacles. Their length will depend on the height of the lampshade. Once ready triangles, cut out the strips of decorative ribbons. At the end of this procedure, we put all the details, so that a few tentacles.


The tentacles of the fabric are putting to the inside of the lampshade and carefully glue them with the glue gun.


On the lampshade should be done in the form of an outline 4petals. Then, using acrylic paint draw out the contour of the resulting image. Remember that when using glass lampshade, you must use a special paint on the glass.


Give acrylic paint time to dry. "Medusa" lamp is ready!

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