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How to make a lamp "Spray of Champagne"


How to make a lamp "Spray of Champagne"</a>

Agree that monotony quickly bothers.

I bring to your attention a very unusual lamp called "Spray of Champagne".

Make it easy enough, besides, it will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions.

You will need

  • - plastic disposable glasses for champagne - 20 pieces-
  • - Christmas tree garland of 20 light bulbs-
  • - cutting pliers-
  • - glue gun.



With the help of pliers, it is necessary to remove part of the bottomPlastic glass for champagne, while you need to leave a hole that is suitable for a light bulb from a garland. This procedure should be done with all the glasses.


Then you need to install the lights from the garland inThe opening of each plastic glass. Install the light bulb so that it does not in any case touch the walls of the glass, otherwise they will simply melt.


After all the light bulbs are installed,It is necessary to proceed to gluing together plastic cups. Do this with a glue gun. After the procedure described above, you should place the garland wires on one side, wrap them around the cord and fix this winding. The lamp under the name "Spray of champagne" is ready!

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