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HOW do lamp "Champagne"

How to Light "Champagne"

You agree that quickly tired of the monotony.

I bring to your attention a very unusual lamp called "Champagne".

Make it easy enough, besides it will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions.

You will need

  • - Plastic disposable glasses of champagne - 20 piece-
  • - Christmas tree garland of 20 lampochek-
  • - kusachki-
  • - Glue gun.



With the help of pliers is necessary to remove part of the bottomplastic champagne glass, you will need to leave a hole that is suitable for light bulbs of garland. This procedure should be done with all the cups.


Then you need to install light bulbs of garland inopening of each plastic cup. Install a light bulb, it is imperative so that it does not in any way come in contact with the walls of the cup, otherwise they simply melt.


After all the lights are installed,need to start bonding with each other plastic cups. This should be done using the glue gun. After the above procedure should be performed to place a garland on one side, wrap the cord and fix them this winding. Light under the name "Champagne" is ready!

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