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HOW do kukan

Store, fish, big and small.

Kukan - a special device to save the fish caught.

Fish Kukan are living longer, thanks to the relative freedom of movement after capture.

The fish cage quickly falls asleep, so the use of Kukan justified on long fishing, for a few days.

You will need

  • Cord (rope)
  • Carbines
  • swivels
  • The wire (or bicycle spokes)
  • nippers
  • emery cloth



To produce Kukan need to choose the rightcord. It is better not to use Swivel cord to prevent twisting and tangling Kukan. If you plan to fishing from the shore, enough length of 3-4 meters. If fishing is usually from a boat, the cord length can be 7-8 meters.


After selecting and training the cord needs to be donefasteners for Kukan. Usually they are made of metal wire. At home, the fastener can be bent with the help of pliers bicycle spokes. To do this, cut the spokes on the same size pieces.


Then take a swivel, to pass a piece of itneedles, wrap the wire around it, thus fixing ring. Then one piece halves must form a loop, and the second half of - the hook to be fastened over the loop. And the point of the hook of the future must first sharpen slightly, the better to stick the fish in the Cook.


It remains only to make a few of these hooksto swivel and then assemble Kukan. Swivels with clasps in turn strung on a cord. They can be fixed direct nodes on the cord, and can then pass through swivels pieces of tubes or wine corks to the hooks were not going in the same place and the fish was placed on Kukan width uniformly.

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