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Here's how to look around in a car full aero

Unfortunately, cars with bodywork hardly sell.

And sometimes it would be desirable? Porassekat? through the streets of the city in a completely foreign car tuned.

To be sure was tinted windows, neon lights, hydraulics the latest model, and so on.

But we have to buy a car in the base and hang it? Bells and whistles? themselves.



To begin preparing his? Iron Horse ?. Remove all unnecessary parts factory and purify the body from impurities.


Next, look for where you can get the necessary details forbody kit. Then order the front and rear skirts, side skirts, spoiler, bi-xenon headlights, the cilia to them, carbon-fiber hood (or plain, if desired), light alloy wheels, air intake on the roof and all the rest, we will appeal. Of course, all this is costing a pretty penny, but that will not do for your beloved car. After installation, skirts, skirts and spoiler car will look great. And at the end of tuning it just will not learn.


Set in the car all that is bought. If you yourself can not cope with the installation of parts on your car, please contact any nearest service station. You all make for a reasonable fee. The front and rear body kits cost about 8? 10 tr Although there are also more expensive.


The side skirts can give the carsporty and very nice on the car. Therefore, their installation is an integral part of any tuning. Are these parts about 2-5 thousand rubles. But there are also exclusive designs that are more than 9 thousand.


After the side skirts and front spoiler can be installed. If your car already has a factory spoiler, it is likely low. You can change it to a more massive.


Now sum up: full car kit can change it beyond recognition. But cost is a pleasure from 1000 to 3000 dollars.

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