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How to make katana


How to make katana</a>

The aura that surrounds the legendary samurai sword? Katanu, maintains interest and admiration for this type of weapon for more than one hundred years.

Katana is a strong, light and flexible sword.

He becomes so at the expense of special materials, from which he is forged, special forging techniques and, according to legends, the right mindset of the master.

You will need

  • Glandy sand
  • Melting plant
  • Horn
  • Hammer
  • Anvil
  • Charcoal
  • Rice straw
  • Clay
  • Sandstone powder
  • Water
  • Tools for grinding and polishing steel



In order to forge the right katana, you needStock up special? Black sand? From the Japanese coast. These are the ferruginous sands from which you are to melt the tamahagane - the traditional Japanese steel used for forging samurai swords.


Load ore sand into the smelter? Tatar? And smelting on wood charcoal about 4 kilograms of steel. The temperature in the melting furnace must reach 1,500 degrees Celsius.


Sort the steel into low-carbon and high-carbon steel. High-carbon tamahagane is heavier, brightly silvery. Malocarbon is coarser, gray-black in color.


Cover the bottom of the forge with choppedCharcoal, add large pieces of coal and set them on fire. Lay a layer of low-carbon steel and again cover with a layer of charcoal. Wait for the steel to sink to the bottom of the furnace.


Cover the bottom of the furnace with ash from rice strawHalf-and-half with powdered charcoal, lay a layer of high-carbon steel with a slide, top with charcoal. Start vigorously shaking the bellows. Wait until the furnace is not only steel.


Take pieces of tamahagane and start to forge of themFlat sheets half a centimeter thick. Cool the sheets in water and break them into plates measuring 2 square centimeters. Sort the steel into a high-carbon and low-carbon steel.


Take the selected pieces of high-carbonSteel, lay on a steel plate with a handle. Wrap it with paper and cover it with clay. Place it in the forge horn. Add charcoal and heat for at least thirty minutes until it is bright yellow or white.


Take the block from the furnace, place it on the anvil and lay it down with a hammer. Put it again in the bugle, heat and smoke. Repeat this cycle several times.


When your bar is ready, do it in itOver-chisel and roll on yourself. Heat again and treat with a hammer until the upper and lower halves fuse and the bar returns to its original length. Repeat this cycle six times.


Before continuing the forging, cut the bar intoFour equal parts. Fold them one on top of the other and weld them together, by heating and forging. Repeat folding, heating and forging six more times. Do you get the steel? Kawagane ?.


Take the deferred low-carbon steel, dump the bar out of it and then roll it and sell it ten more times. Do you succeed? Or steel core.


Kawagaine is a flat plate with a length of 40Centimeters, fold in the form of a letter U. Inside this plate, place the syngane bar. Heat the preform in the furnace to a bright yellow color and begin to bind. Achieve full welding of the plates between each other.


Make a workpiece for the blade, heating the block in the furnace and forging a rectangular workpiece out of it.

Give the blade shape, by stretching the workpiece perpendicular to the length. Form the cutting edge, the point, the side ribs and the shoe.


Using a knife-scraper, treat the surface of the sword. Use a file to process the shoe and the cutting edge. Using a carborundum stone, perform a preliminary grinding of the entire blade.


Prepare an adhesive clay mixture from clay,Crushed charcoal and sandstone powder in equal proportions. Dilute with water and putty on the cutting edge. A thick layer along the butt and on the side surfaces and a very thin layer along the edge itself. Wait for the clay to freeze.

Heat the blade in the furnace to 700 degrees Celsius and cool in a container of water.


Correct the bend of the blade and polish it.


File the blade shank with the file.


Finish the manufacture of katana, making a handle of two halves of wood, wrapped first with leather, and then with a cotton cord.

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