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HOW do Jumping

Balls Jumping

Ball Jumping - all known since childhood toy. It is a small rubber ball that when hitting jumps at a decent distance.

It seems that as a child he was at all.

Remember how you were upset when lost somewhere in the thickets of grass his favorite toy.

But now it's not a problem, because skipjack can easily do it yourself.

You will need

  • Stationery adhesive (available in almost any store)
  • Ethanol 90-95% (available at pharmacies)
  • The liquid dye (commercially available from the prom. Goods)
  • A small mixing bowl
  • The stick (you can use an old pencil)



In a clean container pour Clerical glue


Adding to it a liquid dye and mix thoroughly. Mixing proportions by 1/1.


Add the alcohol and immediately begin to stirstick the resulting liquid. The mixture hardens fairly quickly. When it meets in one lump, you can take it in your hands and roll the ball. I advise you to use gloves to avoid skin contamination.


After the ball rolled up, it is necessary to leave to a little dried up. After 10 minutes, you can safely play. Rides a homemade ball is not worse than the ones that are sold in the store.

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