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How to make a jumping-off


Balls for jumping</a>

Ball-poprygunchik - everything known from childhood toy. It is a small rubber ball, which, when struck, jumps to a decent distance.

It seems that in childhood he was at all.

Remember how you were upset when you lost your favorite toy somewhere in the thickets of grass.

But now it's not a problem, because the jumping-off can be done easily by yourself.

You will need

  • Stationery glue (sold in almost any store)
  • Ethyl alcohol 90-95% (sold at the pharmacy)
  • Liquid color (sold in stores with industrial goods)
  • Small mixing tank
  • Wand (you can use an old pencil)



In a clean container pour clerical glue


Add to it a liquid dye and mix thoroughly. Mix in proportion 1/1.


Add alcohol and immediately begin to mixWith the stick turned out liquid. The mixture quickly hardens. When she meets in one lump, you can take it in your hands and roll a ball. I advise you to use gloves to avoid skin contamination.


After you rolled the ball, you need to leave it to slightly dry. After 10 minutes, you can safely play. Skips such a homemade ball is no worse than those that are sold in the store.

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