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How to make funk


How to make funk</a>

Fuganok refers to the tools used for the final processing of large-sized wooden surfaces, as well as the edges of long parts.

By its design it is an elongated plane withWith a double knife, unlike which, at the fusant in the front there is a special plug for loosening the fastening of the knife in case of its replacement or for sharpening, and also the handle in the back part.

You will need

  • Wood 700x76x70 mm, knife blade, hacksaw



If you decide to make a self-propelled coil,Start with the selection of suitable material for the main part of the jointer - pads. The best option is larch or oak. Their wood has high strength, density and immunity to decay. The optimum length of the jointer is approximately 70 cm. The dimensions of the knife in length and width are 200x65 mm. The log for the jointer will be a deciduous or oak bar & nbsp-in the dimensions of 700x76x70 mm. The height of the handle can be about 10 cm.


You can cut the bar with a handHacksaw or on a circular saw. The hole for fixing the knife is cut with a chisel and a hammer exactly in the middle of the shoe, while do not forget that the slope of the back of the hole should be & nbsp- & nbsp -45-47 degrees to its longitudinal axis.


The place where the knife should be located is somewhat widerOf the entire hole. In addition to the knife, install a & nbsp- & nbsp-clamping wedge. & Nbsp-The impact plug (button) is inserted approximately midway between the edge of the knife hole and the front edge of the shoe.


It is recommended to make a handle for a jointerNine-layer plywood. The hole for the hand is made in such a way that it is convenient for you to work, while it consists of the upper part, which is located on top of the shoe, and the bottom, which is placed in a specially cut groove and fixed firmly through the holes with bolts.


Blade for jointer you can pick up at a hardware store. It must be rectilinear. Some models of joinery can have two blades and two handles for greater convenience.
Check before starting work so that the selected blade does not protrude beyond the edge of the sole of the jointer more than 1 mm.

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