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How to make a jointer

Jointer refers to the tools used for finishing wood surfaces of large size, as well as the edges of the long parts.

By design, it is extended to the planedouble blade, which is in contrast to, at the front of the jointer has a dedicated plug for loosening the knife in case its replacement or sharpening, and in the rear of the handle.

You will need

  • Wood 700h76h70 mm blade knife, hacksaw



If you have decided on their own to make a jointer,start with the selection of suitable material for the main parts jointer - pads. The best option - a larch or oak. Their wood has a high strength, density and immune to rot. Jointer optimal length - about 70 cm blade dimensions in length and width -. 200h65mm. Harvesting for the jointer will leaf or oak bar & nbsp- sizes 700h76h70 mm. The height of the handle can be about 10 cm.


Bar you can cut it out with a handhacksaw or circular saw. Hole for fastening knife carve with a chisel and a hammer midway pads, while not forget that the slope of the back of the hole should be & nbsp- & nbsp-45-47 degrees to the longitudinal axis.


The place where the knife must be slightly widerall openings. In addition to his knife set & nbsp- & nbsp-clamping wedge. & Nbsp-Shock plug (key) into approximately halfway between the edge of the hole for the knife and the front edge of the pad.


The handle is recommended for the manufacture of the jointernine-plywood. Hole for hand make so that you feel comfortable working, while it consists of an upper part, which is on top of the pad, and the bottom, which is placed in a specially cut groove and rigidly fastened through bolts holes.


Blade for jointer you can pick up at the hardware store. It should have a straight shape. Some jointer models can have two blades and two handles for greater comfort.
Check before use that the chosen blade does not protrude from the sole of the jointer by more than 1 mm.

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