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HOW do icosahedron from a paper

How to make an icosahedron from a paper

Icosahedron - a regular polygon. This geometric shape has 30 ribs, 20 triangular faces and 12 vertices, the joints are five ribs.

Collect icosahedron from a paper is difficult, but very interesting. It can be made of corrugated, packaging, or colored paper, foil.

Using a variety of materials, you can add even more glamor and beauty of his icosahedron.

You will need

  • - Layout ikosaedra-
  • - bumaga-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - lineyka-
  • - PVA glue.



Print out the layout of the icosahedron on the paper,then cut it on the dotted line. It is necessary to leave a space for bonding parts of the figure with each other. Try to cut the icosahedron as slowly as possible, otherwise the slightest shift your hack in the end will look ugly. The need for very accurate cutting due to the fact that all the triangles in the right side of the icosahedron are the same. Therefore, if a party will vary in length, as a result of the discrepancy in size is noticeable.

The layout of the icosahedron


Fold the icosahedron along the solid lines, then atadhesively seal the space, which are delineated by the dotted line, and connect with each other adjacent sides of the triangles. For a tight fit each need to hold the glued side in this state for 20 seconds. Similarly, should glue all the other side of the icosahedron. The hardest thing to glue the last two ribs, because their connections are required patience and skill. Your paper is ready icosahedron.


This geometric figure can be seen inEveryday life. For example, in the form of a truncated icosahedron (a polyhedron composed of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons) made a soccer ball. This is most noticeable when the resulting icosahedron paint in black and white. Soccer ball of paper, you can do it yourself, you print in 2 copies scan truncated icosahedron.

Scan truncated icosahedron


Manufacture of paper is the icosahedrona fascinating process that requires patience, thoughtfulness and a lot of paper. But the result will be a long time to please the eye. Paper icosahedron can be given as toys a child has reached the age of 3 hletnego. Playing with this geometric figure, the kid will not only develop spatial skills and creative thinking, but also to get acquainted with the world of geometry. Adult man creative process on the design of the paper icosahedron with their own hands will allow to pass the time and surprise your loved ones skill to master complex shapes.

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