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How to withdraw money in virtapay

How to withdraw money from virtapay

Despite the fact that the virtual currency virtapay is not yet publicly available, many already earn money by participating in the program.

You can take a few steps towards increasing their wealth from the virtual source.

You will need

  • Google Chrome browser, login to Facebook, e-mail address.



Sign in Virtapay program. This can be done using a Facebook account or use the e-mail address.


Participate in revenue sharing program fromAdvertising (Ad Sharing). To do this, activate the access by buying one of the virtual goods on the site. Typically, such a product is not worth more than $ 17. The amount of the daily bonus increases to $ 100 instead of 20.


Attract new members with the help ofreferral links. You can send money to friends virtual system on Facebook, inviting them to join. Go to the site every day and get a cash bonus.


Participate in project Satoshi. To do this, install the application KryptoKit Bitcoin Wallet and create your purse in the Bitcoin system. It is possible to invite other participants and receive a percentage of their income or to invest in the project and to receive 120% of the income. This is advantageous, because now Bitcoin cheaper, and you can take a moment to save on their purchase. Payments can be obtained already in Bitcoins, more prestigious and promoted cryptocurrency.


Wait virtapay transfers cryptocurrency. Once this happens, there will be more opportunities to use the money. By the time when the system will make the conversion, you can earn thousands of dollars.

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