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How do I withdraw money from WebMoney on the card Savings Bank

Withdraw from Webmoney Sberbank on the map

To get from the electronic payment system WebMoneywithdraw money at Sberbank card, you can use two ways to attach a plastic card to your WM-ID (account system), or resort to using third-party online exchanges, O resources and Internet-exchangers.

Consider the pros and cons of both scenarios.

Anchor Savings Bank cards for Webmoney account

Withdrawal of WebMoney purse to any,tied to a bank debit or credit bank card has its advantages. Firstly, such a conclusion is usually very fast, often - instantly. Second, the credit card holder and the account in the payment system is not necessary once again to "shine" on foreign internet resources with their personal data, and even such a delicate - Financial - Properties. Actually, this benefits terminate, and begins the reverse side of this issue, which will certainly discourage many from him.

The lack of output Webmoney through the official website of the system - the duration of the card binding procedures and high minimum for O operation Commission.

The problem follows. Binding a credit card to WebMoney-account is only possible for the owners of at least a formal certificate. Get it immediately possible, it will take a few days. It is necessary to log on the official website of the payment system, to send the relevant application to confirm their passport information and TIN number by forwarding the relevant photo or scanned copies of documents. After the confirmation of the assignment will come formal certificate owner, need more time to send a request to the technical support Webmoney - already on the attachment of a plastic card. You also need to send a photo of their Sberbank card on both sides. In addition, a charge of $ 20 for binding to the credit WMID.
In addition to the length of anchor and receiving processformal certificate, unpleasant side of the card to withdraw money via WebMoney system is sufficiently high minimum fee for one-time conclusion - from $ 8 per transaction. Because of all the above nuances, many users choose to display system Webmoney electronic money to credit cards through third-party online resources.

Withdrawal by a third-party resources

Often the online exchanges for output to Webmoney Sberbank card or any other bank - the most convenient, cheap and quick way.

Today, there are quite a lot ofonline exchanges that offer almost instant withdrawal from Webmoney purses. This usually does not require any bindings to the account, but it is usually necessary to authorize the payment system itself, for example, via Webmoney Keeper Classic software. for such operations, the Commission generally does not exceed (and often - a lot less!) than the withdrawal of money through the official website of Webmoney.

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