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How to turn on the microphone on headphones


How to turn on the microphone on headphones</a>

By connecting the headphones with the microphone to the computer, you need to configure the equipment. Hardware configuration, in turn, is not possible without the installed drivers for the sound card.

On this basis, connecting the device to the computer can turn out to be quite a troublesome procedure for the user.

You will need

  • Computer, headphones, equipped with a microphone.



Make sure that your computer is installedSoftware for sound card. If the drivers are not installed, install them by inserting a boot disk with the necessary software (the disk must be supplied with the computer / sound card). Install the drivers in the default folder and reboot the system. After rebooting the computer, you will see the icon of the sound card agent that will be located in the tray. Now you can begin to connect the headphones and turn on the microphone on them.


If you pay attention to the end of the wireDevice, you will see its split into two parts tail, equipped with a pink and light green plug. Pink plug - output for microphone, respectively light green plug - headphone input.


Insert the green light plug into theColor jack located on the back of the computer. The sound card manager window pops up on the desktop, where you need to designate the connected device as headphones. Apply the settings and check whether the sound is being played. Then you can go to the microphone connection.


Insert the pink plug into theMatch its color (this jack is also located on the back of your PC). The Sound Card Manager will again bring up a dialog box on the desktop. In this window you need to define the connected device as a microphone.


When connecting wireless headphones with Microphone Such manipulations are not necessary.

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