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How do I transfer SMS from the phone

How do I transfer SMS from the phone

Periodically, the mobile phone users are finding that their devices have accumulated a fairly large number of SMS messages.

To avoid losing important information, messages can be written on a computer or other device.



Try to start to copy messages to thememory card or SIM card phone. To do this, go to the "View" menu and select the appropriate option. You can also create so-called backup system, ie to maintain its current status using one of the special applications on your phone. As a result, the program will create a special file that allows you to recover text messages and other data in case of loss.


Copy of phone messages on your computer,using one of several available methods. If the device is present in the complete USB-cable, proceed to connect the phone to the computer through it. Otherwise you can try to establish a connection using Bluetooth or infrared. The operating system should detect your phone as a storage medium and install the appropriate drivers. Once you see a message stating that the device has been successfully installed, you can start the process of copying data.


Use the special program for the exchangedata (synchronization) between the phone and the computer. Usually it is on the installation disc from the complete device. For example, for Nokia phones using a program «PC Suite». If you do not have the installation CD, download the necessary software from the website of your phone manufacturer.


Install the program and wait until itdetect your phone. "Synchronization" Go to. In the list that appears, select the SMS messages as a mandatory item in the exchange of data. Follow the procedure. Upon graduation need the data will be stored on your computer and are available through the program. You can then transfer them back to the phone.

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