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How to shoot Yandex panoramas


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Yandex. Panoramas is a service from the Russian search engine, which allows users, without getting up from the couch, to make virtual trips through the streets of different cities.

A distinctive feature of the panoramas from Yandex is the high quality of the images.

Yandex service. Panorama was launched in September 2009, for its creation was used the famous technology Street view, the first panoramas were filmed on the streets of Moscow. In the future began to appear and other major cities, not only in Russia, but also in other countries. To make the streets and landmarks of cities look like real ones, Yandex makes for each panorama several thousand photos. For shooting, a special system is used, equipped with several cameras with a resolution of 10 megapixels. Shooting is conducted on the ground, from the air and even from the water. All surveys are conducted only under favorable weather conditions, which allows achieving high quality photographs.

Shooting panoramas on the ground

For shooting on the ground most often usedA car equipped with a GPS-navigator, on the roof of which is installed the same device with cameras, and on the body there is a sticker with the logo of "Yandex". This "panorama" is moving through the streets of cities with a small speed, every 20-50 meters simultaneously all 4 cameras take pictures: 3 horizontally and 1 up. Ordinary city streets are photographed every 50 meters, shooting streets of the historic city center is made every 20, a maximum of 30 meters.
In places where you can not drive by car orIt is impossible to shoot from a bicycle or on foot. The tricycle used for shooting was designed specifically for Yandex: 2 wheels are located in front, the third behind. "Panoramic bike" is equipped with a panoramic shooting system similar to the car, computer, control system and battery. Parks, embankments, pedestrian streets, mountain routes of the Turkish Prince's Islands were shot from a bicycle.
For interior shooting of premises or smallTourist zones, where the bicycle will not pass, the photographer moves on foot. The camera with a tripod is taken by a panorama photographer in the hands, taking photographs on all four sides.

April 1, 2102 representatives of "Yandex" published information about the surveys for the panorama of the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Despite the date of publication, some users took it seriously.

Yandex Panorama from the Air

For aerial photography, it is mainly usedHelicopter Mi-8, equipped with cameras looking in different directions, and a special device that absorbs vibration. Take off from a height of 150-200 meters optimal for good visibility of all landmarks of buildings and monuments. From the photos taken from the air, later spherical panoramas consisting of five pictures are created, the radius of the panorama view is from 2 to 10 kilometers. Before the shooting, Yandex employees consult with local ethnographers, which allows them to subsequently make panoramas of the most beautiful and significant places in the region.
Initially, Yandex planned to useAerial photography airship. The company rented for a few months a radio-controlled zeppelin of enormous dimensions: 12 meters long and 57 cubic meters in volume, paying almost 4,000,000 rubles for this pleasure. The first city for aerial photography from the airship was Ufa, but in the process of testing, technical problems arose that could not be resolved promptly and the full-fledged shooting failed. After this incident, Yandex refused to experiment with the airship.

In June 2013, "Yandex" sued for 4.3 million rubles to the company "Rosdirizhabl", from which he in 2012 rented an unmanned vehicle.

Shooting with water

For water surveys of the coastal strip is usedA motor boat with a "panorama-bike" installed on it, which already has all the necessary equipment. The first time a water survey was conducted in Turkey, then photographed the shore of Istanbul.

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