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How to send documents to the university

How to send documents to the university

Since 2009, the vast majority of Russian high schools have moved to the reception entrance examinations in the form of the exam.

On the one hand, it has simplified the admission, because now applicants need to pass the exams only once, but on the other hand, the need to strictly adhere to the procedure for filing documents.



Go to the sites you are interested in higher education institutions in advance,desirable in May, and find out the deadline at each university. They may be different for different groups of students. this year the school graduates usually have to apply to the Twenties of July. Those who graduated from high school early and must pass the exam again, usually recorded at the university until early July. Certain terms are defined for students of creative disciplines, which in addition to the exam must take additional exams.


If college is in your town, come backpersonally. Bring a passport and a copy of a copy of the certificate of completion of the school and a copy of the delivery of the exam certificates. If you are doing only one university, you can immediately submit the original certificate and exam certificates. If you belong to one of the privileged categories, bring documents to prove this - certificates of the victory at the Olympics, a certificate of disability, the documents confirming the passage of military service or other paper. On-site fill in an application for admission. You can select up to three specialties in one university.


For nonresident students provided feeddocuments by mail. Please send only copies of documents, to avoid the possibility of loss of the originals. The best way to send your documents by registered mail.


Wait for the announcement of the first wave of resultsthe admission of students. If you are enrolled, bring or send the original of your certificate of graduation in the selected college. Wait until the publication of the order of enrollment and check it your name. If you are not in the first wave of the lists, do not worry - if part of the applicants decide to enroll in a different location, you can be enrolled in the second wave of admissions, which takes place in early August.

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