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How to send hyperactivity in the right direction

How to send hyperactivity in the right direction

The most important and popular error in the education of hyperactive children - an attempt to establish control.

In fact, it is not only stupid, but also pointless.

It is best to resort to other types of little education.



The idea is ahead of business. In this case, the lack of well can be a great advantage. Do not focus on the development of the child: let him choose for themselves the path that should go. Speaking in other words, that he has to define its interests. In this regard, it is hyperactive children would be much better to absorb the material. The most important thing - to find exactly what will be interesting for them. Then you do not need to beat with restless - he will do anything for you, and you will guide him in the right direction.


Competition. This type of activity will not become obsolete than ever, so it will be unique for hyperactive children as a way to display their abilities. They may well compete with the beloved hero. That is, in this kind of activity is extremely important to find an object that will be the most authoritative for the child. Bring this object is a child as an example. What would this character? Do you want to be the same as your hero?


Perfection. By this method should be used if a child stands out far-fetched belief in the supernatural abilities. For example, he is confident that he understands the animals could stop time, see in the dark. Do not dissuade him in this, because we should not forget that all children live in a world of fiction and fairy tales by fifty percent. This is the perfect place to play when training agility or memory.


His own records. This is useful for kids with the beginnings of the leader. Try to stimulate them to ensure that they beat their own records. It is worth to also make a record file, which you together with him will lead.

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