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How do I remove widgets from the screen

Widget - a small application interface which occupies a small area on the screen and displays certain information or to quickly implement those or other actions.

If the widget is no longer needed, it can be removed.



In most operating systems for desktopComputer remove the widget from the screen can be via the context menu. To do this, move the mouse cursor to it and press the right button. In the menu that appears, select "Delete" or similar. The widget will disappear. Note that some widgets in this way can not be removed.


The touch screen mobile deviceswidgets now even more widely used. Most mobile operating systems of management is carried out by a long press. Tap the widget and hold up as long as he, along with other widgets and icons on the screen is reduced, and there around the white contour frame. Now it can be moved within the main screen, the current page and its other pages. And if you move it to the symbol of the basket, which will appear at the top or bottom of the display, it will be deleted.


Note that deleting a widget on the screen does notthe removal of the program related to it. Therefore, running the program again or by adding a menu of widgets, you can immediately again to return it to the same or another place of the screen. But the old widget settings are not saved - it will have to be reset. And if one or another widget on the screen has been placed in more than one copy, delete one of them will not affect the other instances.


Finally, if a particular widget you no longerneeded at all, remove from your computer or mobile device related programs. How you do this depends on your operating system. With the screen at the same time disappear, all instances of the corresponding widget. Note that if the fee program, go to this step with caution - if you want to return the widget may need to re-pay for the app in the app store. And if the Internet you do not unlimited, we can not forget about the traffic that will be required to re-download even free program. However, some widgets do spend a lot of traffic when working.

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