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HOW abandon short numbers

Unsubscribe from short numbers are subscribers of any operator

Periodically, the users of mobile phones come with various notifications short numbers, usually containing advertising information and is a regular spam.

You can opt out of the short numbers and turn them off by using a special option for your carrier.



You can disable the short numbers in the phoneMTS via a free "content prohibition." Connect it, dial 0890 and follow the operator's instructions. Pre can find out which paid subscriptions feature you at the moment. To do this, dial * 152 * 2 #. In the same menu system available can delete unwanted services. There is also a service "My Subscriptions", accessible through the Members Area on the operator's website, through which you can view all of the connected short numbers and delete them.


Connect the special service "STOP-content"if you are a subscriber of the operator Beeline. So you can disable the short numbers and limit the flow of unwanted and suspicious messages. Please note that you will continue to receive messages from mobile commerce services, social networks and other resources, which officially supports the operator. To activate the service, please call the number 0858. In addition, the short trip Beeline numbers carried in the personal account, which you can go to the site operator.


Dial 0500914 or send ita blank email to abandon short Megafon rooms. In addition, subscribers available command * 526 # and a personal account on the official website of the operator.


On request, you can contact one of the officescellular communication in your city, whose staff will assist you with the disconnection of short numbers and paid services. Bring your passport. It is also desirable to provide a list of relevant experts rooms and services that you do not want to use. If the connection of a service has been carried out illegally, you can write a statement on the return of written off assets. After consideration the money will be returned to your account.

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