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How do I redeem unrequited love?


At least once in her life she overtakes all of us - love without reciprocity. Unrequited feeling like a little flame burns inside.

And only you can turn it into a wildfireor realizing the hopelessness of the situation, to pay off as unnecessary. Now you are suffering from a broken heart and swear that never nobody like.

Well, the last statement is made explicitly in a temper, but one thing is certain: at the moment, your main task - to stop loving someone who does not respond to your feelings.

So, we proceed to extinguish the fire of love.



Phone "impossible"

First, stop telephone terrorism. If you have been now and then nazvanivali him, silent or spoken nonsense once and for all, stop doing it. Surely you have time to memorize his number, and throw cherished figures from memory - is not easy. Therefore, every time when he wants to call the subject of his sufferings, dial phone someone from friends. A chat for long - and it will be easier, because talking about feelings cool reduce their intensity.


Without melodrama!

Do not cry to his sense of duty. Phrases in the spirit of "If you left me, I will kill myself" or "If I love you, you love me, too, should" forget how to midnight delirium. In love, no one no one owes nothing (exception - the obligations to the patient and his wife and young children), and blackmail and coercion - unworthy methods in any situation. In these ways you do not snap to the man himself, but, on the contrary, alienate. Yes, and earned a reputation as a ladies do not.


Out of sight!

Discard the photos of his "tormentor" and allthings that remind him. Alas, it is necessary also to interrupt the communication with the common acquaintances. At least those of them who constantly strive to start a conversation about it, regardless of your feelings. Do not try to be delicate, show rational egoism - why do you need extra pain?


Not a moment's peace!

Take myself affairs and entertainment soto leave no free time for sad thoughts and, especially, to the humiliating walks around his house. Try to make your life richer as possible: the monotony and boredom will drive anyone into a depression and no unhappy love. Keep in mind, just "fill up" the work itself - not an option. It is necessary "to scatter the fire", that is, to force the mind to engage in a variety of problems - change the social circle, finding a new occupation (driving courses, skydiving or yoga - anything goes). Thus, scattering embers fire, you will feel that they are going out separately. By the way, this method is recommended even Ovid in his poem "The cure for love." As they say, time-tested.


For myself, beloved!

More often pamper yourself. Since I can not get the top prize, bring yourself small pleasures. Eat a chocolate bar, look at your favorite movie on the weekends does not get out of bed before noon, listen to good music. But! In no case are not those music and movies, which are associated with memories of him. And it would be nice to change its image - hair, clothes, make-up. In general, do not leave his room for a new life of love and melancholy longing.



Entrust your experiences paper. It has long been observed that feelings splash out on paper, lose their effect in real life. Now they will live only on the sheets, watered with tears. Incidentally, therapists are advised to use this tool, even for people with mental disabilities.
Do not flatter yourself, you're not one of them. According to the same psychologists, unrequited love is none other than the real disease. So when longing becomes intolerable, armed with pen and paper. If the feelings are accumulated again, repeat the operation, do not be lazy to throw out them again and again. At the same time you will learn how to analyze their feelings and actions.


Among fellow sufferers

Communicate with people who have the same problems. Firstly, you perfectly understand each other (on this principle, by the way, all formed fan clubs). Second, seeing how these poor creatures themselves irritate dry and barren for those who do not appreciate them, you begin to understand how all this is stupid, disgusting and boring. And funny, finally.


Wait a minute, the engine ...

Remember that advises in such cases folkwisdom? "Fight fire with fire". Ancestors, of course, are largely correct, but not this time. It is unlikely that you will be able in an instant "turn off" all the feelings of one and light a "green light" to the next chosen one. But psychologists and do not recommend to seek solace in the arms of another. The fact that you risk grab "baggage" of the past into new relationships, for example, will become the new attribute to the quality of the gentleman who liked to "previous". There will unnecessary illusions, and sooner or later it will lead to disappointment.
However, it is not necessary to impose a taboo on intercourse with men. Make friends, learn how to be seductive and desirable - and your time will be maddening!


If the pain - even if it hurts

Do not suppress your emotions. Do not say happy as if in fact stifle tears. Honestly admit that you are now white light is not nice, but do not drive themselves depressed thoughts like "ah, what I got unrequited love." In fact, love is always for the benefit of: split gives happiness, unhappy - teaches wisdom. The main lessons you will be able to learn from this experience. First you must have already learned: do not let a man become a central figure in your life, especially if he is not able to evaluate you. And make it a rule to start each morning with the words "Today is just a little easier," and so it will be.

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