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How to prevent pop-ups


How to prevent pop-ups</a>

All modern browsers have mechanisms for blocking pop-ups.

You can set the appropriate rules for all web resources in general, as well as for individual sites.



If you use Opera, you can choose oneOf the four browser-based control modes for pop-ups: block everything, block unsolicited, open all in the background, open all. This list is placed in the "Quick Settings" section of the "Settings" section of the main menu of the browser. Traveling through the menu can be replaced by pressing one "hot key" F12. One of these four control modes can be assigned to any site individually, if you right-click on its page and select the line "Settings for the site" in the menu. Look for a list of pop-up window control modes on the "General" tab. And the tab "Scripts" contains more detailed control settings for HTML and JavaScript code pages, the adjustment of which requires an understanding of the mechanisms of these languages.


When using Mozilla FireFox, open theSection "Tools" in the browser menu and select the "Settings" line. In the settings window go to the "Content" tab and mark the label "Block pop-up window". Individual sites can be excluded from this rule by editing the list that opens by clicking the "Exceptions" button.


In Internet Explorer, you need to expand the "Tools" section in the menu, and then its "Block pop-up window". It contains two items, the top one of which includes the blocking of pop-up windows. The bottom item ("Pop-up blocker settings") allows you to edit the list of exception sites and configure filtering levels (there are three of them here). You can also include a text and sound notification about the event of blocking the next window. Another method of locking is in the sameSection "Tools", click "Internet Options" and go to the "Privacy" tab. There you need to put a label for the item "Enable Pop-up Blocker."


If your browser is Google Chrome, then by openingMenu by clicking the icon with a wrench, click the "Options" line. Then in the left field of the "Settings" page go to the "Advanced" link and in the "Privacy" section click the "Content settings" button. Here in the section "Pop-up window"You need to put a mark at the ban on pop-ups. Exceptions for individual Web resources can be entered in the list, which opens with the "Manage exceptions" button.


And in the Apple Safari browser everything you need to doTo activate the pop-up blocker - press the combination of the CTRL + SHIFT + K buttons. There are also longer options - for example, you can open the "Edit" section in the menu and click the "Block pop-up window". Or you can select the line "Settings" in the same section "Edit", then go to the "Security" tab and check the box "Block pop-up window"In the" Web Content "section.

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