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Find a reason for joy

Scientists from different countries have been repeatedlyIt proved that the level of individual happiness is not directly related to how prosperous his life. However, if in any area of ​​life is not going well, it's hard to enjoy life and feel happy.

Therefore, it is important to eliminate the factors that prevent you from enjoying the present moment.



Love your work. If you hate the place of their service and their daily duties, it will poison your existence. Even the most cheerful person is depressed unloved occupation. Therefore, or look at their profession from a different angle, get in the business positive aspects and make it interesting for yourself, or looking for a new job.


Create comfort in her apartment. The atmosphere in the house where the man lives, to a large extent may affect how well it will feel. Make home repairs, get a few nice little things, take care of comfort in her apartment. Let it will be a real refuge and a cause for joy daily.


Get familiar with your personal life. Do your best to establish it. Failures on the love front might spoil the mood and bring sadness in your life. Be open to new people and socializing, follow their own appearance, become interesting to talk to and more often in public.


Get a pet. His sincere affection and tenderness will add to your life for reasons of emotion and joy. Cheerfulness and a cheerful disposition kitten or puppy will not leave you indifferent. With this new neighbor, domestic troubles and the small troubles of life will be perceived very differently.


Take care of your health. It's hard to enjoy life, if you feel unwell. Sometimes in the daily hustle and bustle of people forget to eat properly and in a timely manner, rest, sleep, giving your body exercise. At the same time, the tired and abandoned the body loses the resources to cope with stressful situations. Take care of yourself, and you will enjoy life force.


Monitor your mood. Do not let gloomy thoughts fill your mind. Find a reason for joy. Pay attention to the beauty of the world around you, treat yourself to a pleasant stroll or a delicious cake, talk with someone, listen to beautiful music. Remember that in life enough pretexts for excellent mood and genuine joy. Do not turn a blind eye to them.

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