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How do I know why the laptop heats up

Why is heated laptop

As with all electrical devices, laptops heat.

This is a normal process and its components are calculatedat high temperatures. However, exceeding the temperature threshold - a dangerous situation that can lead to system instability, and its total failure.

Therefore it is very important to determine in advance whether the system overheating occurs to eliminate its cause.

Malfunction of the cooling system

Modern laptops, whichhigh-performance compact modules assembled in a small package, can heat up very strongly. Eliminate overheating of the cooling system is designed to built - vitally important and most vulnerable part of the notebook.

The main enemy of the cooling system - dust. Produce regular dry cleaning of dust is very important, it is desirable to do it again in a few months or more. Determine the failure of the cooling system is possible without "opening" of the notebook. If he was much stronger than warm even when performing simple tasks inside coolers operate continuously and in rotation hear rattling - it is time to clean the fans, the inside of the housing and vents. In most cases, this will eliminate the problem.

However, there are situations where the causeIt becomes a common problem of the cooling system, and the malfunction of specific modules. Similarly, to determine the "culprit" is very important and it can be done both by means of special tools, and with the help of indirect evidence.

Problems with the individual components of the system

There are dozens of programs that monitorthe temperature of the system components. After diagnosis they can be sure to find out which module causes it to overheat. But there are indirect signs that allow to identify the problem and they are often more effective.

Most of all components of the notebook heatthe most productive of them: the processor, hard drive and graphics card. There are signs that can determine exactly what requires more attention and preventive maintenance or repair.

If your computer suddenly shuts itself, especially during the execution of complex tasks, the "culprit", most likely, the processor performs.

If your laptop more than two years, there is a highthe likelihood of thermal paste dries. It is used to remove heat, protecting the processor from overheating. This is not the most common, but possible cause, which to entrust the removal professionals.

If your computer often freezes and suddenlyreboots, then the problem lies in the graphics card. It is caused, most likely, the general state of the cooling system or a malfunction of its own cooler. In the second case, the fault is solved by replacing either the fan or cleaning it from dust.

If copying and file transfer happenslower than normal, then the chances of hard drive overheating. The reason for this can be as unsuccessful system layout, and with the cooling problem. In most cases, sufficient to carry out cleaning of dust, but sometimes it can result in the replacement of the hard drive.


there are simple and very effective way to significantly increase its life to protect the notebook from overheating.

1. Cleaning of dust. On this important as we have already mentioned, and it is no coincidence is the first in the list. Dry cleaning is important to spend as much as possible, not less than once every two months.

2. The use on hard surfaces. Best place using a laptop - on the table. The probability of overlap ventilation openings when it is on your lap or on the bed is very high, so far as possible, this should be avoided.

3. Using a cooling pad. They are sold in any store of electronic equipment and very efficient cooling system. In particular, it is desirable to use a high-performance, gaming laptops.

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