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How to find out why the computer continuously restarts

How to find out why the computer continuously restarts

The computer has long been not only a working tool, but also a means of communication, and a favorite pastime for many owners.

It is clear that incorrect operation of the device leads to material losses, and spoiled the mood.

The computer reboots when you turn on

Typically, a restart immediately after thecaused by problems with the power supply - maybe it crashes or power is not enough to provide energy to all components. The technical documentation and the manufacturer's website indicates how much power the device use in normal mode and peak loads. Check the computer with a new power supply, the nominal power which with a margin enough to supply all parts of the system unit.
When the computer starts to boot up the operatingPOST system is run - firmware self-test, which assesses the state of the devices in the system unit. If the test is ok, the BIOS informs the short single beep and instructs the operating system to load. About the malfunction of any of the devices reported a combination of long and short signals. If your computer is restarted immediately after the try to use POST signal decoding table for your motherboard. Thus you will be able to determine the faulty device.
If the "beeps" indicate RAM Onlinemotherboard manufacturer, check whether your "motherboard" this device supports. If so, gently lift the RAM modules from the slots and wipe the contacts with a conventional eraser. Insert the modules one by one and check the computer to determine the faulty memory card, if a problem in it. If one module, insert it in turn in different slots. Be cautious and careful not to damage the PCB. If possible, check your computer with a known good memory.
Likewise, check the operation of the graphics card, if the POST indicates a malfunction. Clean the contacts in your card and ask for the time another card with friends, if this operation did not help.
Another source of trouble may be stranded battery, which powers the ROM chip on the motherboard. Replace it and check your computer.

The computer restarts during operation

A very common cause of reboots,except for the faulty power supply is overheating components. Check the temperature of the CPU, Northbridge and Southbridge, graphics card with the help of special programs (AIDA, EVEREST) ​​or tactile, immediately after turning off. Unplug your computer and remove the side panel of the system unit and a well blow out the dust with a vacuum cleaner in the blow-out.
Perhaps dried thermal grease on the heat sinkprocessor. If you are confident in their abilities, remove the heatsink, clean it with alcohol and a sole surface of the processor chip of the old paste. Then put on a radiator cleaned very little (literally a match head) fresh thermal compound and carefully smear on the surface evenly. When installing the radiator, make sure that it is properly seated at an angle, otherwise the CPU may be damaged due to uneven heating. If you doubt that do it right, better call for service.
The reason may be reboots softwaresoftware or improperly installed driver. Right-click on the icon "My Computer", choose the option "Properties", go to the tab "Advanced" and then click "Settings" under "Startup and Recovery." In the "System failure" uncheck the box next item "Automatically restart". Now, when an emergency occurs, the computer will not reboot and go into the blue screen of death with an error message. On site technical support for Microsoft error code can find its cause.

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