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How do I know who I bookmarked Vkontakte

How do I know who I bookmarked Vkontakte

Bookmarks in the social network "VKontakte" allow you to quickly navigate to pages of other users and communities from their profile.

With the help of a simple observation, you can find out who of your friends added to your bookmarks.



Do not fall for the tricks of fraudulent websitesoffering free or for a fee to find out who you are in tabs "VKontakte". To find out this information exactly, alas, is impossible. Using one of these resources, you risk losing wasting time and money or even without his knowledge to download malware onto computers. Also, do not get involved in "VKontakte" community, allegedly associated with the administration and promised to find out who you are as a bookmark, or who came to your page on any given day.


Try to score more than 100 subscribers to yourpages. In this case, you will see detailed statistics of traffic to your profile, from which you can try to find the information you need. To do this, you can translate into subscribers a portion of your friends, or simply publish daily on the page interesting and useful information to others to subscribe to it.


Click on the link "Statistics page" at the bottompart of your profile as soon as typed more than 100 subscribers. You will see the number of visitors to your page for the current day, week and month. Unfortunately, the names of your guests know it is impossible, but you will see information such as gender, age and city of residence of visitors. Match it with the data of your friends, with the result that it will be possible to suggest which of them could be your visitors. Based on these data, you can learn about the tabs. For example, if you visited daily by people of the same age, sex and from the same city, but you have not published anything new on the page at this time, most likely, these people periodically go to your profile from your bookmarks or just highly interested in you and often browsing.

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