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How do I know which language is written

How do I know which language is written

In the world there are a great number of languages.

Some languages ​​are born again, some are dead.

To translate a text, you must first determine what it is written in the language. Modern technologies allow to do it quickly enough

You will need

  • - a computer
  • - Automatic language identifier
  • - In the case of determining the language of its own - sources describing different languages.



Do you have a few options. You can see a specialist so that he identified the language of the text. You can try to determine the language themselves. But by far the fastest way to determine the language for those who have internet access - is an automatic language identifier.


In the first case, you do everything the expert. In the second - perform text analysis. The special features of different languages ​​include: referral letters, character set, subscript and superscript, characters and the like.


For a quick way to use an automaticlanguage identifier, sometimes called guesser. Today, we developed different language identifier that can be used free of charge. Generally, language identifiers differ in the number of languages ​​that they recognize and dictionary database in each language.


Determiner operates as follows. It splits the text that you enter in the appropriate field on the word. The words are compared with those that are at the basis of the determinant. He then counts the number of occurrences of words of different languages ​​and shows the result - the most appropriate language or languages ​​(there may be several).

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