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How do I know which firmware

How do I know which firmware

Firmware known as the current version of the mobile platform, you need to update from time to time.

If desired, you can find out which firmware is currently installed, using the standard functional mobile phone or radio.



Find out the current firmware version on your mobilephone Nokia, using the code * # 0000 #. Dial can be in standby mode or in the dial menu. After several seconds the current data will be displayed on the system. The first line will be the version of the mobile device firmware, the second - the date and time of release of the corresponding software, and the third - the type of your device. Please note that this code works on any mobile device and Nokia will work even if you reinstall the firmware or operating system.


Owners can use Siemens phonescombination * # 9999 # to find out the current firmware version. Try also to use alternative code - * # 0837 #. On Sony Ericsson phones, the information on the installed firmware is available when dialing * # 7353273 #. Also find out the version of the software, you can use the code # 8377466 #.


LG Mobile phone in standby modeenter * # 2945 # in the pop-up menu on the screen device, select «S / FW version». This section contains the necessary information about the version and date of the firmware installation. There is also a special code that can be used on devices Alcatel - * # 06 #. Firmware version installed in the machine located next to the symbol «V».

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