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How to find out if the loan was approved


How to find out if the loan was approved</a>

When issuing a loan, borrowers are not always provided with funds immediately, as creditors need time to verify customer data and ascertain its solvency.

If there is no answer for a long time, you can try to find out the decision on granting a loan yourself.



Study carefully the contract about registrationLoan, a copy of which was given to you. Usually it contains information on how much time is required for the creditor to make a verdict. Most often, the specified period does not exceed 7-10 days, so it's better to wait a bit before starting. Specialists should contact you as soon as they consider the application. A modern way to announce a loan decision is to send an SMS message or a letter by e-mail, so periodically check your incoming messages.


Call on the phone specified in the contract. For example, due to a large queue of customers and applications, the bank can not always call the borrower on time and communicate its decision. Also, there are cases when the application is lost, and you simply will not be contacted, if you do not remind yourself again. If you did not fill out any applications and do not have documents on hand, study the information on the creditor's website.


When making a loan for goods in the store, youLearn about the decision of the bank from a specialist who deals with the transaction. The decision of the bank will be received on his computer about 15 minutes after the request. If you sent the application via the Internet, make sure that there are no failures in the system. Call the bank and ask if your request is received.


In some cases, bank employees simply do notHurry to call back to those who did not approve the loan, so as not to waste their working time. In case of unjustified refusal to obtain a loan or unwillingness of the bank's employees to communicate with you, call the free hotline of the institution and present your claim. Representatives of technical support can help you find out the situation on the loan, bypassing the institution where you made the application.

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