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How do I know whether the loan approved

How do I know whether the loan approved

When making a loan the borrower does not always provide the funds immediately, as lenders will take time to check the data about the client and determine its solvency.

If there is no response for a long time, you can try to learn on their own decision on the loan.



Examine the contract carefully about the designcredit, a copy of which was handed to you. Typically, it contains information about how much time it takes the lender to reach a verdict. Most often, this period does not exceed 7-10 days, so to start better to wait a bit. Specialists have their own contact you as soon review the application. Today's announcement means the decision on the loan is to send SMS messages or letters for E-mail, so periodically check your inbox.


Call the telephone number listed in the contract. For example, because of the large queue of customers and orders, the bank can not always call the borrower on time and inform its decision. Also, there are cases where the application is lost, and you simply will not be contacted if you are not just to remind myself. If you did not fill any orders and do not have the documents in hand, review the information on the lender's website.


When making a loan for the goods in the store, youYou learn about the bank's judgment of the specialist who deals with the transaction. Solution bank goes to his computer in about 15 minutes after the request. If you send a request through the Internet, make sure that there was not any failure in the system. Call the bank and ask if your request is received.


In some cases, bank employees simply do nothurry to call back those who did not approve a loan, not to waste their time. In the case of unjustified failure in obtaining a loan or unwillingness of the bank employees to communicate with you, call toll-free hotline institutions and present your claim. Representatives of technical support can help you learn the situation on the loan in circumvention of the institution where you are making a request.

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