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How can I tell if a phone is stolen?


How can I tell if a phone is stolen?</a>

Many of us want to be the owner of a good mobile phone.

But, as you know, in the modern world is good -Usually a synonym for expensive, and it's often not possible to spend a fairly large amount to buy your favorite product. Therefore, so popular in our time is the purchase of goods that were in use.

But how do you know that the phone you are about to buy has been received by the seller in an honest way, and not stolen?

You will need

  • Telephone and Internet access



For starters, you need to request documents for the phone from the seller before purchase. He must have a document stating that the former owner Phone He sold the device to him or gave it for sale. Although, of course, not everyone will show such a document (the reason for this is the real price of the device for which it was purchased). In addition, such a document may be counterfeit.


Further learn IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) of this Phone. Usually it is a set of 15 digits. At some phones the indication number is underlined on the device, under the accumulator.

How can I tell if a phone is stolen?


If under the battery you did not find the numbers, thenDial * # 06 # on the machine. The phone of any manufacturer must, in response to it, issue its IMEI. Write down this number somewhere so that it does not get lost until you have the Internet at your fingertips.


Go to the site http://blacklist.onliner.by/ And enter the number in the appeared window. Click on the "Check" button. Read the inscription of the result. If there was an inscription: "In our database, there were not found any IMEI-numbers that satisfy the search conditions", so your phone is "clean" before the law and does not exist in the search database.

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