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How do I know whether the phone stolen

How do I know whether the phone stolen

Many of us want to be the owner of a good mobile phone.

But as you know, in today's world of good -usually synonymous with expensive, and spend quite a large sum for the purchase of products often do not have liked the opportunity. Therefore, so popular nowadays is the acquisition of goods, second-hand.

But how do you know that the phone that you are going to buy, the seller received an honest way and not stolen?

You will need

  • Telephone and internet access



First need documents on supported phones from the seller before purchasing. It should be a document that the former owner phone he sold the machine or put on sale. Although, of course, not everyone will like the document (the reason for that the real price of the device, for which he was purchased). Furthermore, such a document may be a forgery.


Next, find out IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifie / International Mobile Equipment Identity) of the phone. Usually it is a set of 15 numbers. Some Indication phone number is indicated on the unit, underneath the battery.

How do I know whether the phone stolen


If a battery you can not find numbers,dial on the unit by dialing * # 06 #. Phone any manufacturer must, in response to her to give your IMEI. Record this number somewhere so that it is not lost to the moment when you will have at hand the internet.


Go to the website http://blacklist.onliner.by/ and enter the number that appears in the window. Click on "Check". Read the inscription result. If there was an inscription: "In our database found no IMEI-numbers for this search", then your phone is "clean" before the law and the basis of investigation is not a member.

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