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How do I know whether the weight is normal and the growth of a child under one year

How do I know whether the weight is normal and the growth of a child under one year

The first thing that people know about their newborn baby - is sex, weight and height.

These physical characteristics are very important, first of all, to understand the accuracy and timeliness of the development of the baby.

birth indices

For a newborn baby are the norm: growth rates - from 45 to 51 cm, and weight - from 2550 to 4000, the important fact is the ratio of these values, called the Quetelet index. This index indicates whether the baby is getting enough nutrition during its intra-uterine life. Norma is considered the value of this index from 60 to 70. Quetelet Index is correct only for those babies who are born in due time.

If the child birth, doctors also measure the circumference of his head. The average values, it should be 33 - 36 cm.

The physical development of babies under one year

For a child, just born,characterized by the following values: height - from 45 to 51 cm, weight: - from 2.6 to 3.5 kg. The child has the following reflections occur: sucking, swallowing, grasping reflex and blink.

A child of the first month of life is: growth - 52 - 55 cm, weight - 4,2 - 4,4 kg. The kid is able to keep his head, looking up at the same time, and shows attempts to lift it while lying on his tummy. Already noticeable his reaction to very loud noises and sudden movements.

In a two-month child: growth - 55 - 58 cm, weight - 5 - 5.3 kg. He raises a good head and holding for 1 - 1.5 minutes. Turn it in the direction of the noise. Kid firmly holds and grabs his hand items.

Three months after the birth: the growth - 59 - 61 cm, weight - 6,0 - 6,3 kg. Baby holding head easily for 4 - 7 minutes. In the prone position, slightly raised, leaning on elbows.

The four children: growth - 61 - 64 cm, weight - 6,4 - 6,9 kg. Lying on his back, the child may occasionally raise its head and freely rolls over from back to stomach. With great pleasure playing with baby hanging over the crib various toys, touches them and pulls her mouth.

Five months: growth - 63 - 68 cm, weight - 7,4 - 7,8 kg. A child can already sit, but keep your back without the support has not yet been able to. Already he knows the mother's voice.

Six months: growth - 65 - 70 cm, weight - 7,7 - 8,0 kg. The child sit alone without support and freely turns from his back to his tummy, trying to crawl and pronounce the first syllable.

Seven months: growth -67 - 71 cm, weight - 8,2 - 8,9 kg. The child already knows how to crawl on all fours. With the support of hands and is actively transcends feet.

Eight months: growth - 70.1 - 72 cm, weight - 8,4 - 9,6 kg. Scarce he stands up, sits down, holding on to the bed, trying to walk.

Nine months: growth - 72 - 7.3 cm, weight - 9,2 - 9,9 kg. A child walks, holding at the same time for the support can perform the most simple requests, responds to his name.

Ten months: growth - 72 - 74 cm, weight - 9.6 - 10.4 kg. The kid knows how to walk hand in hand, can perform complex movements begin to pronounce words.

Eleven months: growth - 73 - 75 cm, weight - 9.9 - 10.5 kg. The child knows the names of many objects and parts of the body, he has a precision of movement of fingers.

Twelve months: growth - 74 - 76 cm, weight - 10.2 - 10.8 kg. The child may utter about 10 words.

Each child is an individual and his physicaldevelopment is not always the same with the standard calendar rules. But the lack of any skills, or abnormalities in the child's growth - a reason to consult with a specialist.

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