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How do I know whether the loan is approved

How do I know whether the loan is approved

When making a loan the bank takes a decision within a certain time.

If the customer wants to know whether or not the loan is approved, it is necessary to take advantage of the manager's phone number, arrange the loan, the bank or hot line, in which he appealed.



After deciding the bank informs the customer on the approval or rejection of the loan as a cash receipt via SMS to inform, call or e-mail.


If the client is waiting for a long time, but has not received notification of the decision by the bank, you can call the manager to work with clients and find out all the information.


Not less popular way to learn aboutApproval of the loan or the refusal to extradite him - is a telephone hotline. The call is usually free. The client must personally call the bank, since the operator can specify personal information that is known only to those who are directly applied for the issuance of credit.


Hotline operator can ask the bank numberand a series of passport, as well as Full name customer, who and when issued the passport, in which department or branch of the bank loan application has been filed. Upon receipt of these data with the client can contact the security service of the bank and ask additional questions to clarify certain points.


When applying for a loan in the online system, you canlearn bank's decision almost instantly. At the same time we should not forget that this decision will be preliminary. Registration of the credit will have to be carried out in one of the departments or branches, which are required to present all the documents listed on the bank's website.

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