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How do I know whether or not the original phone

Mobile phone

Almost everyone today uses mobile phones. It is not surprising, because it is very convenient to call from anywhere in the world wherever you go.

Of course, to use mobile communication, it is necessary to buy the phone.

The range of models on the mobile market at the moment is very great, but how to determine whether the original phone you are offered to buy?

You will need

  • Hotline device manufacturer.



How to protect yourself against accidental purchases of "gray" phonea?
Never buy phones with it, even if they have an attractive price, and you are assured that phone new. The risk to buy is not certified, defective or stolen phone very large.
However, even in the cell interiors you can not sell the original phone. So you should carefully treat the purchase. Do not buy the machine in a small kiosk near the station, which is now very much.


Before buying pay attention to the label on the box of the device. Must be present Rostest sticker. Each phone before sale must be certified. Also on the Internet selling original phones, but without the quality certificate. Of course, the price is lower. In no case do not purchase such devices. They can harm your health. It is best to buy phones in the company store manufacturer. So you will get the real goods.


"Gray" phone It can be distinguished by their appearance. Usually, fake different from the original size of the body. Also pay attention to the quality of the materials from which the device is made. If the cabinet suspiciously creak, and plastic parts have blotches or streaks, then most likely, you are not in the hands of the original phone. Examine the packaging. It should contain only original accessories.


You can also call phoneat the manufacturer's hotline to check the originality of his apparatus. To do this, you need to call the operator to call your IMEI phonea. This is a numeric code that is on the box on phonebut also on a sticker under the battery.

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