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How to know when will the repair of the house

Kaka to know when will the repair of the house

Overhaul - one of the components of constant residence in an apartment building.

But often it happens that the procedure is delayed for an indefinite period of time and is difficult to know when it will be held.



If your house has a HOA, information about timingoverhaul should provide exactly it. You just need to apply directly to the chairman or leave a written request. Usually it respond within 14 days. The answer comes in the mail or bring personally. Plus HOA is that it is easier to get to participate in federal or regional programs for capital repairs of apartment buildings.


If the HOA in your home is not available, it is necessary toapply directly to the local administration. The role of the contractor in such a situation, performs management company. It may not even be aware of the upcoming repairs, since it has no right to make such decisions. You need to learn about what your department is engaged in the housing stock. As a rule, you will be directed either in the housing or in the Committee on Municipal Property Management.


Direct request to the appropriate department. You can also do it verbally or in writing. The second option has the right to be treated up to 30 calendar days. Carefully keep track of whether the Secretary has registered your appeal. Do not forget to take a copy of the request directed. Also, if you have any order or decision of the supervisory authority that it is necessary to make major repairs, attach it to the request.

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