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How to find out when the overhaul will be at home


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Capital repairs - one of the permanent components of living in an apartment building.

However, it often happens that this procedure is delayed for an indefinite period and it is rather difficult to know when it will be held.



If your house has a HOA, information on the timingCarrying out major repairs should provide it. You just need to contact the chairman directly or leave a written request. As a rule, it is answered within 14 days. The answer comes to the post office or is brought personally into the hands. Plus HOA is that it is easier for him to get involved in federal or regional programs for the overhaul of apartment buildings.


If your homeownership does not exist, then you needContact the local administration directly. The role of the contractor in a similar situation is performed by the management company. She may not even know about the upcoming repair, since she has no right to make such decisions. You need to find out about which department is dealing with your housing stock. As a rule, you will be sent either to the housing and communal services, or to the committee for managing municipal property.


Send the request to the desired department. You can also do it orally or in writing. The second option has the right to be considered up to 30 calendar days. Carefully keep track of whether the secretary has registered your appeal. Do not forget to take a copy of the directed request. Also, if you have any decisions or decisions of the supervisory authority that you need to do a major overhaul, attach it to the request.

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