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How do I know when the Mardi Gras

How do I know when the Mardi Gras

Start of Carnival varies from year to year, depending on the beginning of Lent.

It is widely celebrated throughout the week before Easter Lent.

How to determine the date of Carnival?

Date of Carnival every year is always changing,Depending on the start of the Orthodox Easter fasting, but usually Cheese Week is held in February, at least - in March. To determine the exact date of Forgiveness Sunday, the "day of spring", you just know when it is Easter (all Orthodox holidays are marked in the church calendar), and subtract 7 weeks.

History of Carnival celebrations.

All week before the start of the most importantpravoslvnogo fasting believer is allowed to eat animal products, including butter - hence the name Pancake. The Russian Orthodox Church calendar it is known as Cheese Week (week).

Many rites of Carnival survived since ancient Russia, and the holiday has pagan roots itself. Since ancient times was considered a kind of Pancake Week temporary border between winter and spring.

Traditions and rituals.

Each day there were some oilrites. On Monday ( "meeting") dressed doll, met Pancake. On Tuesday ( "zaigrysh") built around the snowy hills and figures, and on Wednesdays ( "gourmet") in-law came to visit "to his mother on pancakes."

On Thursday ( "binge") stuffed and put on a wagonWe drove through the streets, singing and accompanying plyaskami.Pyatnitsa - "Teschin Vecherki". On this day, has called mother-in-law to visit, I treated pancakes. On Saturday ( "Zolovkina gatherings") woman regaled sisters husband, presented gifts to them.

In "Forgiveness Sunday" was made to burneffigy of winter, symbolizing the rebirth through death (for our ancestors pagan burning of dolls embodied something similar to the Phoenix bird). This ritual is always accompanied by dances, songs, dances, games and tasty treats. According to legends, every day of the week Cheese to eat pancakes that symbolize the sun piece.

Analogs of Carnival in other countries.

Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras (Western Europe, United States) -
Uzgavenes - Lithuanian Maslenitsa-
? Vastlap ev - Estonian Maslenitsa-
Fastelavn - Norwegian Maslenitsa-
Fat Thursday (Poland) -
Carnival (Western Christians) -
S chsil ?? te (Switzerland (Zürich))? -
Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht (Germany) -
Karneval, Fastnacht und Fasching - German Maslenitsa-
Masopust - Czech Maslenitsa-
Apokries - Greek Maslenitsa-
Boone Barekendan (Armenia) -
Fastelavn (Baltic).

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