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How do I know what sound card is in the computer

It looks like a standard external sound card

If you have no sound orplaying from the speakers audible wheeze and rattle, then you have not installed the driver to the sound card. To work correctly multimedia programs, you must install the drivers to the sound card.

To install the driver and it works correctly you need to have information about what kind of sound card is installed and you install only the driver that you need.

You will need

  • Sound card, the computer



Turn on the computer, wait for the startWindows. In the lower left corner of the screen, click "Start" button, then select the "My Computer", look in the window "Properties" and go to the next menu called "System Properties". In the resulting window, click the tab "Hardware" - you window appears, consisting of the four tabs. You need first - "Device Manager". In the list that appears, locate and open the "Sound, video and game controllers". The top line will be the name of your sound card.


Another embodiment of your search informationsound card - is the use of programs such as "SISandra" and "Everest". These programs give the full information on your computer, including the vendors, and even the release date of the devices installed on your computer.


If you have a DirectX program that can run Direct diagnostic, select the "Sound" in the menu window, and you will also learn the name of the sound card. The last option - disassembly of the system unit.

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