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How to find out what sound card is on the computer


So it looks like a standard external sound card</a>

If you have no sound at all orPlayback from the speakers can be heard wheezing and grinding, then you do not have drivers for the sound card. To work properly multimedia programs, you need to install drivers on the sound card.

To install the driver and its correct operation it is necessary to know the information about which sound card is installed at you and install only the driver that you need.

You will need

  • Sound card, computer



Turn on the computer, wait until it startsWindows. In the lower left corner of the monitor, click the "Start" button, then select the "My Computer" tab, in the opened window find "Properties" and go to the next menu called "System Properties". In the window that appears, open the "Hardware" tab - you will have a window consisting of four tabs. You need the first one - "Device Manager". In the list that appears, find and open "Sound, video, and game devices." The top line will be the name of your sound card.


Another option for finding information on yourA sound card is the use of programs such as "SISandra" and "Everest". These programs provide complete information on your computer, including even manufacturers and the date of release of devices installed on your computer.


If you have DirectX installed, you can start Direct diagnostic, select the "Sound" menu in the window, and you will also learn the name of the sound card. The last option is to disassemble the system unit.

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