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How to know what I'm afraid of


How to know what I'm afraid of</a>

Phobias and fears torment all people without exception.

Someone manages to get rid of unreasonable fear, and someone day after day gets new.

But before you get rid of phobias, you need to decide what are you really afraid of.



Fears often appear in dreams. Often this is an unconscious fear, which, perhaps, will not manifest itself in real life explicitly, but it will undermine you imperceptibly at the subconscious level. For example, if you are day after day dreaming that your parents are dying, then you clearly have a fear of losing them, although in real life, maybe you are so busy that you do not even remember your mother and father.


People often fear spiders, mice, rats, bees, wasps andOther very unpleasant creatures. But the fact of the matter is that for someone they are just unpleasant creatures, and for someone - an object of fear and horror. Special problems with the establishment, whether you are afraid of them or not, should not be. It is necessary to see firsthand. The bat in the picture can terrify you all your life, but if you see such a beast, you, perhaps, will become interested and stop being afraid.


It is necessary to distinguish between true fear and auto-suggestion. Often, fears are transmitted to us from close people, from those who had a special influence on us, for example, in childhood and adolescence, when the worldview of a person develops. If your mother has been afraid to fly on an airplane all her life, she cried the details of plane crashes and cried, if someone from her family went on a trip through the air, then surely this horror before the flights will be transmitted to you. It will be necessary to grow up, live in the world, fly on airplanes and understand that it is not so terrible already.


In general, it is difficult to recognize only your ownSubconscious fears. The rest often lie on the surface and too often and painfully remind themselves to forget them. But before you understand your fears, think, do you need this? There are also such fears that you have already managed to drive inside, overcome, subordinate to the voice of reason (for example, to go to the tooth is terrible, but it is necessary, otherwise all teeth fall off), so is it worth fiddling and resurrecting them if they only stop you from living?

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