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How do I know what I'm afraid

How do I know what I'm afraid

Phobias and fears plagued all people without exception.

Someone manages to get rid of irrational fear, and someone day after day takes on new.

But before we get rid of phobias, you need to decide what you really are afraid of.



Fears are often manifested in dreams. Often this - the unconscious fear that, perhaps, will not occur in real life, obviously, but you will undermine unnoticed on the subconscious level. For example, if you do day in and day dreams that parents die, then you obviously sitting their fear of losing, although in real life, maybe you are so busy that not even remember about my father's mother.


People often are afraid of spiders, mice, rats, bees, wasps andother rather unpleasant creatures. But the fact of the matter is that for someone they - just unpleasant creature, and for someone - the subject of fear and terror. Special problems with the establishment, you are afraid of them or not, should not be. We need to see firsthand. Bat in the picture can inspire a lifetime you fear, but after seeing this beast, you can be, are interested and will cease to be afraid of.


It is necessary to distinguish between true fear and self-hypnosis. Most fears are sent to us from loved ones, from those who had to have special influence, for example, in childhood and adolescence, when the sum of human outlook. If your mother all his life afraid to fly on a plane, spend too much details of aircraft accidents and crying if someone from relatives went on a journey through the air, then surely the fear of flying, and you will be transferred. You will need to grow up, to live in the world, to fly airplanes and realize that it is not so scary.


In general, it is difficult to recognize only itssubconscious fears. The others often lie on the surface and all too often and painfully remind myself to forget them. But before you understand their fears, think about whether you need it? There are also fears that you already drive inside, overcome, subdue the voice of reason (for example, to go to the dentist is terrible, but it is necessary, otherwise the teeth will fall off), so whether they twirl and resurrect, if they will only hinder you live?

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