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How do I know the volume

How do I know the volume

Volume or capacity - is one of the characteristics of the substance or body space.

The unit of volume is the cubic centimeters, liters, or cubic meters, in the English system of units of volume as measured in gallons and barrels.

A method for measuring the volume depends on the shape of the object and its linear dimensions.



The volume occupied by a certain substance is measured in liters and is determined by the density and weight of the formula

V = m / ?, where m - mass of a substance? - Its density.


The volume of the solids is measured in cubic meters or cubic centimeters. calculating method thus depends on the shape of the body.

For simple geometric bodies exist corresponding formulas, for example, the volume of a sphere of radius R is calculated according to the formula

V = (4/3) *? * R ?, where R - radius,? - Number?

The volume of the cone with a specified radius of the base and the height is of the formula

V = (1/3) *? * R? * H, where R - radius, h - the height of the cone? - Number?


arbitrary body volume can be calculated using integral calculus.

If set to a predetermined rotation of the body function y = f (x), its volume can be determined by the formula given below.

How do I know the volume


For a cylindrical body with the base R, which is bounded on surface z = f (x, y) the amount calculated by the double integral.

How do I know the volume


The volume of a body U in Cartesian coordinates can also be calculated through a triple integral.

How do I know the volume

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