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How do I know the value of Polynesian tattoo

How do I know the value of Polynesian tattoo

Decorating your body in tattoos today took some atrophied, very kind of pointless.

People often resorted to the use of aanother drawing, giving it only the aesthetic value and not thinking about the meaning selected for printing, which according to ancient legends and dowry can radically change the life and destiny of the person wearing it on your body.

Contact with higher powers

The huge popularity recently acquired the so-called Polynesian tattoos.

Polynesia called a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, the most popular of which are the Easter Island and Hawaii.

It is on the islands of Polynesia tattoo is considereda special kind of art, according to local residents only it can enable a person to make contact with the divine. Polynesian style tattoo designs is characteristic of the culture of local tribes and small peoples, outwardly they resemble correct and clear carved pattern.
Figure composed of lines having severegeometry, patterns are often used to symbolize the heavenly bodies, animals, plants, the meaning of these tattoos is sometimes difficult to read due to an inexperienced person special intricacies of patterns and lines.

Male pattern

These Polynesian tattoos alwaysconsidered a privilege male and deposited shark tooth or swine, that during times causing unbearable pain. The tattoo of this kind is intended to be a document of its holder, because it can tell a lot about his life, history, qualities, aspirations and destiny.
The shark, for example, a sacred animal in this region,designed to protect its owner, it is a symbol of power and fortitude. Polynesian masks, tiki - the lot of soldiers, such figures need to be protected from visible and invisible enemies. In the same value applied to the body has a neat and easy animal scat.

Patterned detailed spiral gives a person hope, symbolizes new life.

Turtle tattoo elected as peacefuland family men, this unhurried animal is a guardian of tradition and a symbol of longevity and may well approach both girls and boys, but the moon is more a symbol of femininity that promises abundance.
Sun - a sign of eternal life. The combination of the two heavenly bodies in the same figure is a symbol of overcoming barriers and implementing pans that seem impossible at first glance. If you see the human body Polynesian lizard, know that it is respected in the Polynesian edges animal endowed with supernatural powers and has a magical beginning.
Figures in the form of marine life like dolphins, means friendship, linked with human earthly origins.

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