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How do you know the cost of my apartment

How do you know the cost of my apartment

Property for the past many years,Russia sold, bought, exchanged, given as collateral. Before you make a deal with the apartment, it is logical to ask how much it currently stands.

There are several ways to find out the cost of the apartment.



Evaluate your property value with the help ofstate structure. This can be done by ordering the inquiry on the book value of your property in the regional or district BTI PIBah different cities.


The market value of the property you can learnby calculating your cost of it: how much an apartment or house were bought, how much money is invested in them (repair, construction, and other expenses). But this method is very approximate, calculated only to fill your cash losses in real estate. However, prices for it market is constantly changing, so will be more correct to resort to other options for determining the value of the property.


Use the comparative method based onanalysis of equivalent apartments in your area and the cost of the proposed sale. Take into account when comparing the floor of your apartment, but in her room, in which the building is located (panel, brick, wood, etc.), in which area of ​​the city, in what condition and so on.


Keep in mind that the equivalent in all apartmentsparameters may be different for the simple reason that one of them is located in the industrial area of ​​the factory, and the other windows out in the green city park.


Differentiate by viewing adsApartments prices: which asks the host, and which actually exists. They may differ materially. Often quoted price home mortgage amount of bargaining or the amount at which they are willing to give up their homes.


One of the most convenient and easiest ways to find outthe cost of apartments - realtor invite to the house or the evaluation committee, to offer such services. These experts work in the real estate market and therefore to date daily increases or decreases the cost per square meter, what are the prospects of real estate market, how much money the owners are asking for similar apartments.


Use the online calculator countingproperty values ​​that exist on the Internet sites of various regions of the country. Use these free online calculators is simple. Enter your real estate options in these systems graphs and get a rough estimate of the value of your property.

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