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How to find out the system requirements in the game


Games are different</a>

Computer games differ in genres, richness of graphic possibilities, story lines.

Manufacturers produce more and more interesting and beautiful products, characterized by high requirements for the "iron".

If you have an old computer, and desirePlay a lot of modern games is very large, then sooner or later have to do modernization of the "hardware". However, how much more reconstruction can be found only if you find out the system requirements of modern products of the Igroprom. There are ways to do this.

The subtleties of system requirements

To learn the system requirements is not at all difficult. Usually they are indicated on the box with the game, so that each user can orient on their capabilities and needs. On the other hand, as practice shows, manufacturers often go for one trick - they indicate the minimum requirements.
This is done in order to maximize theExpand the number of potential product adherents. People with weak cars will also be able to join the sacrament of the game, but not at the highest values โ€‹โ€‹of graphics.
For a more reasonable assessment of system requirements, it is recommended to collect information from various sources to make a more or less accurate opinion. Such sources can be:
- game logs. This is a specialized publication, which publishes reviews of released, or beta tests of upcoming projects. The evaluation is carried out according to various criteria, including performance on different computers. Such a review is objective and usually reflects real information, thanks to which the user can determine the capabilities of his PC in terms of developing the product-
- gaming forums. Such a source of useful information, like forums, should not be written off. They communicate with gamers from all over the country and even from abroad. They exchange estimates of certain games so that it is possible to form a definite opinion objectively based on facts. The benefit of such resources is that they also offer recommendations, which video cards to purchase, which is better than "AMD" or "Intel" processors and so on.

If you do not "pull" the PC

If you have a weak car, this is not an excuse to run to the store and change the hardware. To launch a "heavy" game, you can go to some tricks.
Disable unused applications, unloadWinchester, stop unnecessary services in the "Administration" panel. This will free up PC resources for greater system performance. You can launch a "serious" product with better graphics and performance.

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