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How do I know the system requirements of the game

Games are different

Computer games are different genres, wealth graphics capabilities, storylines.

Manufacturers produce more interesting and beautiful products, characterized by high requirements "iron".

If you have an old computer and a desireto play in the modern game is very large, then sooner or later it is necessary to modernize the "iron". But how much reconstruction is required can only be found if the system requirements to find out today igroproma products. To do this, they have their own ways.

Subtleties system requirements

Check the system requirements is not difficult. They are usually indicated on the box with the game, so each user can navigate to their abilities and needs. On the other hand, experience shows that manufacturers often go on a trick - indicate minimum requirements.
This is done in order to maximizeexpand the number of potential supporters of the product. People with weak machines will also be able to join the sacrament of the game, but not at the highest values ​​of the charts.
For a more reasonable assessment of system requirements is recommended to collect information from different sources to create a more or less accurate opinion. These sources can be:
- Gaming magazines. This special edition, which publishes reviews of published or upcoming beta tests for release projects. Assessment is based on various criteria, including performance on different computers. Such a review is different objectivity and usually reflects the actual information by which the user can determine the capabilities of your PC in terms of the development of product-
- Playing Game. This source of information, as the forums should not be written off. They communicate with gamers from all over the country and even from abroad. They exchanged estimates of certain games to be able to make a definite opinion, based on objective facts. The use of such resources in the fact that they also include recommendations as to acquire video, it is better to "AMD" or "Intel" processors, and so on.

If the "do not pull" PC

If you have a weak car, it's still not a reason to run to the store and change the "iron". To start the "heavy" game, you can go to some tricks.
Turn off unused applications, offloadWinchester, stopping unnecessary services in the panel "Administration." This will free up more resources for your PC system performance. You will be able to start "serious" product with better graphics and performance.

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