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How do I know the rating of your site

How do I know the rating of your site

There are many criteria for evaluating a site's ranking, including positions in the search engines, indexes TIC and PR, among domain attendance.

Indicators statistics a lot, and tools, its measure, is carried out a comprehensive analysis.



How do you know your ranking by using the tool WebomeR
Site owners are aware of how important it is to get into thethe first rows. It is important that the second-level domain position has not been below $ 100 000. WebomeR can use if you are interested in the following indicators: Site position among the second-level domains, the share of search traffic, reach and audience of the core.


To see rankings on these indicators,go to home page WebomeR service. Then use the filter on the right. In the drop-down menu, select the criteria you are interested in (time, domain type, country). After that, the line "search list", enter the URL of the site. Clicking on the indicator places in the ranking, you will also see the presence of other site in the list of sites and figures of growth of its popularity. Clicking on the name of the site, you will see statistics by day, week, month and three months.


Analysis of the site's ranking by using CY-PR.com
CY-PR service.com offers a comprehensive website analysis on a large number of criteria's. Webmasters tend to be interested in such indicators as the visibility of a website in search engine traffic, search engine rankings. Here you can find important information such as the TIC and PR, the number of pages indexed in the search engines Google, "Yandex" and Bing. You can also see the position on Google for the most popular keywords and the number of queries per month on them.


To use the tool to analyze the site,enter the URL of the site in the form of a special line and click "analysis". If you are not registered on the site, or are not logged in, some of the information from you will be hidden. For example, you can not see such important indicators as the number of pages indexed in the "Yandex" and Google.


Detailed site statistics via LiveInternet.ru
This is one of the most popular services thatsites used for the analysis. It shows statistics on criteria such as attendance, audience size, the number of page views, position in search "Yandex" Systems and Google. To use the services of service, it is necessary to pass short registration. To do this, go to the main service page, and select "Get one". By registering, go to the Statistics section.


If you are a website owner, you can installexpansion "Statistics from sites LiveInternet.ru» in Chrome. By accessing the site, with its help you can always check out such factors as the location site in the rating of the second-level domains, audience coverage, the share of search traffic, views and visitors.

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