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How do I know the parrot girl or boy

How do I know the parrot girl or boy

Very often as pets people give birth to birds.

Buy them spacious cell, comfortable roomy feeders and delicious food.

But sooner or later, to all holders raises the question of gender, parrots, especially when there is a need in their crossbred to produce offspring.



At an early age it is necessary to look at the cere- It is a small area of ​​the skin, which is located just above the beak of a parrot. In females, it has a delicate shade of blue with a white border around the nasal cavities. In males, color varies from pink to purple, it can have a smooth surface and shine. As they get older, the color changes and becomes cere females brown-white with gray trim the beak, the male cere changed to indigo and has a bright shiny tide.

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In order to determine its sex, you need to look atthe presence of a mask, which always points to the small age of the pet. For budgies mask characteristic yellow color, which is absent in young parrots. At an early age (3-4 months) have wavy parrot feather color, starting from the cere.

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When the male or the female turns 4-6 monthsthey become adults representatives of birds, you can easily identify their gender in color feathers and cere. Thus, the male feathers green or blue cere becomes light blue hue, unlike the males, which feather color yellow, white or spotted color. In this case cere color remains the same as in younger age. In adult female parrots always brown cere, it is unchangeable entire life of the parrot.

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If it is impossible to determine the sex of cereparrot when cere colorless or color appears in adulthood, then do a DNA test, the results of which recognize gender parrot with 99% certainty. This analysis is very effective when in doubt, to establish a floor of a parrot, the results are always confirmed with the onset of maturity, when it is possible to reliably judge the field on other grounds.

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