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How to find out a parrot girl or boy


How to find out a parrot girl or boy</a>

Very often, as pets, people plant birds.

Buy them spacious cells, comfortable capacious feeders and delicious food.

But sooner or later, before all owners, the question arises of the sex of parrots, especially when there is a need for their crossbreeding to obtain offspring.



At an early age, one should look at the waxIs a small patch of skin that is located directly above the parrot's beak. In females, it has a barely noticeable blue hue with a white border around the nasal cavities. In males, the color varies from pink to violet, it can have a smooth surface and shine. As you grow up, the color of the wax changes and becomes brownish-white in the females with a gray beak edging; in males, the wax changes to indigo and has a brightly shining tide.

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To determine its sex, you need to look atThe presence of a mask that always indicates a small age of the pet. For wavy parrots is characterized by a mask of yellow color on the head, which is absent in young parrots. At an early age (3-4 months) parrots have a wavy color of feathers, starting from a waxen.

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When a male or female is 4-6 months old andThey become adult representatives of birds, it is easy to determine their gender by the color of feathers and wax. Thus, in a male of green or blue feathering, the wax becomes light blue, unlike males, whose color of feathers is yellow, white or spotted. In this case, the color of the wax remains the same as at the young age. In adult female parrots, always a brown-colored wax, it is unchanged throughout the life of a parrot.

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If the wax can not determine the genderParrot, in cases where the colorless or colorless waxen is manifested at a more mature age, then a DNA analysis is done, which will tell the sex of the parrot with a confidence of 99%. This analysis is very effective in case of doubt in establishing the sex of the parrot, its results are always confirmed with the onset of maturity, when it is already possible to judge the field by other signs reliably.

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