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How do I know the dollar

Currency exchange

Learn the dollar may be at any convenient time. The main thing in this case - to select a source that will provide you with the latest information.

Some organizations, for example, provide such information on the internal rate, which has nothing to do with the official figures.

Dollar on the Internet

The most reliable source by which tocheck the dollar - is the official website of the Central Bank. Information is updated in regular mode, and any inaccuracies are eliminated in full. Data recorded in the special sections immediately after the relevant trades. One of the main advantages of this system is the archiving principle. After selecting the desired date, you can trace the dynamics of the course, as well as learn figures of days gone by, or even years.
Another option are the official sitescredit institutions. Most banks display this information in real time. In the details view, it is important to pay attention to the specified date and time data updates.
Currently, the Internet can be foundmany services, specializing in providing information related to global currencies. On such sites can be found not only in the real-time performance, but also to get acquainted with forecasts, reports and news.

Offices banks

Check the official dollar exchange rate, you can at the box office of banks and exchange offices. Simply select the nearest branch and to find time for his visit.
Some banks and exchange offices seton their facades special signs, in which the dollar is displayed in digital form or given as a kind of ad. Digital Signage working around the clock, and usually contain the latest information.


The dollar is often indicated in the printedsources - newspapers or magazines. However, such information should not be trusted too. The specification at the time of publication, however, it is likely that until the newspaper gets to your hands, the course has changed.

mobile version

Some mobile operators provide theirsubscribers a special service, using which you can get information on the dollar. This service is usually paid and involves a one-time use, and to subscribe for a certain period. On the one hand, this service is very convenient, because thanks to it you can every day to receive text messages with information of interest to you. However, the reliability of the data may not always be relevant.

Special applications

Note that the dollar can bemonitor at any time on the monitor of your computer, tablet, mobile phone or laptop. To do this, you can install a special application. The icon appears on the screen, so you can get the desired information. Such services are usually already present in the settings of computers and mobile devices, so in addition to download them on the Internet you do not have.

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