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How do you know the cost of land

How do you know the cost of land

No matter the cost of the land more often in cases when it is necessary to establish an adequate price on the selling area or check the adequacy of the price of the purchased.

Knowledge of pricing and liquidity areas helps to determine the real market price of land.



First of all find out the cadastral valuethis portion. This price is determined by the value for calculating the tax on land and reviewed at least every 5 years. If you buy land in the remote rural areas where land is almost zero liquidity, the cost of land will be close to the land register. Otherwise, the seller will have to somehow adequately explain why it is necessary to pay more for his land.


In areas where it is often bought and sold plotsin prestigious areas, in suburban areas the cost of land is much higher than in areas with illiquid real estate. In addition, the price can dramatically increase the availability of convenient transport interchanges, low load line over the weekend, the availability of convenient access road to the site.


Also, the price of land may rise, if himannounced any communications (water, electricity, etc.). Even the ability to quickly take stock of communication makes the cost of land up to jump. The added value attached to allotment nearby groves, forests and ponds. An important factor is the quality of soil. The absence of television and mobile towers, transformer stations, landfills and general environmental cleanliness district - also an argument that plays a role in pricing.


Also, the price of land is dependent on its size. Typically, the portions of 5 to 20 ares most running, and such plots cost per sq.m is higher. To a certain extent affect the price of the form of the site and terrain. Expensive valued square or rectangular plots as well as corner portions due to the possibility of construction of two exits.


The last but not the least important factorthe price are the documents. Determine the presence and accuracy of all documents. Note also that the sites "for the construction of a dwelling house" will cost more than "under the private economy." And finally, make a comparative analysis of prices and offers.

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