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How do you know the cost of a train ticket

How do you know the cost of a train ticket

Travel by train is traditionally popular among Russians because of its relative cheapness.

If you urgently need to know how much is a ticket for the desired flight, but you can not quickly go to the railroad station, use one of the following methods.

You will need

  • Phone or Internet access, passport data (for the purchase of a ticket)



For information on fares can be found,calling into a single information service center of JSC "Russian Railways" to phone number 8-800-775-00-00 (toll-free). Electronic answering machine will prompt you to select the desired item by pressing the Help menu of certain phone numbers in the tone mode. You can get information through the voice menu. To do this accurately name the alleged date of departure, as well as the points of departure and destination. If you need operator assistance, choose the appropriate number.


When Internet access is present in expiredeasy to find information on the JSC "Russian Railways' official website. To view the flight schedules and availability to just select the "passengers" section of the carriages, and then put into a special form of the dates of your search.


If you are satisfied with the price, and the right places to eatSales can also arrange ticket purchase. However, it will have to go through a simple registration procedure on the website and go to the Members Area using your login and password. Payment can be made by credit card, but only if its reverse side there is a three-digit CVV2 card verification code authentication (CVC2).


Orders paid by you, can be seen in the individualoffice in the "My Orders" in the menu on the left. Cancellation after payment and refund to the bank card over the Internet is not carried out, will have to come to the railroad station. Money for the unused ticket is credited to a bank card, which you paid for travel, within one month from the date of filing the return at the box office.

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