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How do I know my phone number Megaphone

Subscribers can find out your phone number Megaphone

Periodically mobile subscribers there is a need to know their phone number Megafon.

It may be necessary to replenish its balance sheet, as well as for the transmission of one or another people.

This operation is performed in a matter of minutes.



Try to find a phone number with MegaphoneUsing a special operator commands * 111 #. So you will be available menu control information and other services. Select the line "Total Recall tariff / room." After a while you get a text message, which will contain your number on a megaphone, as well as the current rate. This service is completely free.


Check your room for free, you can Megafonalso by dialing * 127 #. Please note that depending on the connected rate necessary to determine the number command can be different, if at all.


Another way to find your phone numberMegafon is accessing the mobile operator. To do this, type 0550 and wait for a response specialist. Ask them to call your number. The operator may ask for your passport details, or simply to clarify, on the one framed SIM card. If you provide accurate information, he would call the number.


Search for documents (contract, warranty, etc.) That you got your hands on when buying a sim card. It should be specified your mobile phone number. If the documents do not have hands, but nearby is mobile shop Megaphone, try to ask the staff. Check your passport, they will help to find out the correct mobile number.


Make a call to the mobile phone of one of theyour family members or friends, which is nearby. His device determines the incoming number, and you will just have to burn it. If the balance a little money and make a call does not work, send a free message person familiar with the request to call back. To do this, use the command * 144 * 7 + (phone number) #.

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