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How do I know INN

How do I know INN

Absolutely every human situation arises where you need to find out any personal information. Any personal information, in particular VAT, refer to the personal information.

Such a question, as the search for an inn of information may relate to both physical and legal persons.

The process of determining the VAT through an online service FTS

The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation (FTS) has launched an online service. Leave it can be through the site or through official agencies INFS website 46 - is the main registration body.
Through the Internet you can now define yourIndividual Taxpayer Identification Number, or TIN simply. In addition, it is possible to find out INN any other person, whether natural or legal person.
Once logged in FTS and clicking on the section "ReadINN ", which is located in the menu of the main page, you can get on the online service. Next, to determine VAT must complete the field with the indication of personal information:
- familiya-
- name-
- patronymic-
- Place of Birth-
- Date of Birth-
- Type and details of any document confirming the identity.
As this document (last item) can serve as a passport or birth certificate, a passport as well as a person of another country (foreigner) or a residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Once you've made in the form of a document are entered Countinformation about when and by whom the document was issued, as well as its series and number. Then you need to add the numbers from the picture, and you can send a request. Then after some time you get a TIN.
Almost the same way this service provides for the legal entity. The only difference is that the procedure would take much more time.

How do I get information about the TIN legal and natural persons?

Originally need to enter into a form fieldpersonal information, namely the status of the person, VAT is determined: legal or natural person. Then you need to enter the information of a natural person: name, date of birth, identity document (series and number, by whom, when issued).
Then, enter verification code - it figuresin the picture, the proposed system. Thus, the online service of the RF Federal Tax Service - is a simple, convenient and fast way to get information about the Inn, not even leaving the office or at home.

Another way to obtain information about VAT

There is a longer process for the preparationthe necessary information about the Inn - personally to go to the tax office, having all the necessary documents: a document that certifies your identity document confirming the applicant's status, as well as receipt of payment services in the amount of 100 rubles. Both ways of obtaining information about VAT efficiency, it remains only to choose which one is more convenient for you personally.

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