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How to find out the presence of 3g in a tablet


How to find out the presence of 3g in a tablet</a>

Modern tablet computers are equipped with many means of communication, among which the work is also called in 3G networks.

You can check this option in several ways.

First, we must carefully study the instructions toDevice. At the very beginning, the technical specification of the tablet computer is indicated. If the claimed function is not available, then it does not support work in 3G networks. It happens that 3G is stated in the technical characteristics of the device, but in fact it is not. This is an excuse to contact the store asking for a refund for selling poor-quality products.
If there is no instruction, then carefullyExamine the case of the device. It must have at least 1 connector, which should fit under the SIM card. It is similar to the one used in cell phones and communicators. With this connector, the tablet is able to go online and even support calls. But this does not mean that the tablet supports 3G standard. To make sure that the tablet still works in broadband Internet, you need to turn on the tablet with the inserted SIM card and look at the network indicator. As a rule, it is located in the far right corner of the screen. Near the stripes of the network may appear abbreviation 3G, or the Latin letter H.
If one of the indicators is on the screen, then the network3G this tablet supports. The letter H means that the tablet works in the HSDPA data transfer protocol. This protocol is based on 3G networks. It happens that the SIM card does not support the specified standard. It can be replaced free of charge from the mobile operator in the office. To do this, it is enough to take an identification card with you.
In order for the tablet to work in 3G networks,You need a SIM card that works with this standard. If there is none, then it is enough to contact the mobile operator to purchase it. It is necessary to choose a suitable unlimited tariff in order to minimize spending on the Internet. The best unlimited rates for mobile Internet, presented in the Russian market, are offered by Megafon, MTS and Beeline. The first advantageously differs from all others, as it is a pioneer in the field of 3G networks in Russia. Also, under the brand of this mobile operator, a whole line of tablets is produced that support 3G.
Since March 2013 in Russia, the activeThe introduction of 3G cellular networks, called 3G +. The tablet PC market reacted to this event and released a lot of devices that support 3G + SIM cards.

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