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How do I know in the presence of 3g tablet

How do I know in the presence of 3g tablet

Modern tablet PCs equipped with many means of communication, including called and work in the 3G networks.

Check this option in several ways.

Firstly, it is necessary to study the instructions carefully tothis device. At the very beginning of its stated technical specification tablet computer. If the function is declared missing, the work on 3G it does not support. It happens that 3G is stated in the technical characteristics of the device, but in fact it is not. This is an occasion to address to the store demanding a refund for sales of defective products.
If the instruction is not present, it is necessary to carefullyexplore the enclosure. It should be at least one connector, which should come under the SIM-card. It is similar to the one used in cell phones and communicators. In the presence of the connector plate is able to go online and even support calls. But this does not mean that the tablet supports 3G-standard. To make sure that the tablet is still running in the broadband Internet, you must enable the plate with the inserted SIM-card and look at the network indicator. Usually it is located in the far right corner of the screen. Next to the network 3G bands may appear abbreviation or Latin letter N.
If there is one of the indicators on the screen, the networkThis tablet supports 3G. The letter H indicates that the tablet runs in HSDPA data transmission protocol. This protocol is based on the 3G networks. It happens that SIM-card does not support the standard. It can be replaced free of charge at the mobile operator in the office. It's enough to bring a proof of identity.
To the plate worked in 3G networks,requires a SIM-card that works with this standard. If not, it is enough to refer to the cellular operator for its acquisition. It is necessary to find a suitable unlimited tariff in order to minimize the expenditure on the internet. Best unlimited calling to mobile Internet, represented on the Russian market, offering "Megafon", "MTS" and "Beeline". The first stands out from all others because it is a pioneer in the introduction of 3G networks in Russia. Also, under the brand name of the mobile operator produced a whole line of tablets that support 3G.
C March 2013 in Russia began activelyintroduction of cellular networks for 3 generations, called 3G +. Market tablets rapidly respond to this event and has launched a variety of devices that support the SIM-card 3G + format.

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