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How do I know the human soap

How do I know the human soap

In order to make contact with the organization, it is necessary to know which department you should contact.

If you want to send quotation or to make a business proposal, you need e-mail of the person responsible for making decisions on your question.

This may require a lot of time and effort, but realize it's real.



First of all try to do their ownforces. Use the search engine to find all references to the Company and its participation in exhibitions, conferences and other events. The more information you can find, the more clues you will have further dialogue with both the Secretary and the person in charge. Write down all the information that you find, and sort in order of date of reference.


Find a corporate website. Most large companies publish the names of their leaders in a separate box on your site, if you're lucky, there will be, and their contact details including their email. Otherwise, all you'll find - this is a common company email box and its contacts. Do not despair, record the data and move on to the next step.


Call the organization and ask youdirectly connected with the person in charge. If you connect, imagine that you met with him at a recent event, outlined the essence of your question and tell me what you have lost his card and would like him to tell you his email inbox. If you do not connect, the algorithm is the same, only he carried out in respect of the Secretary. Be sure to ring the company after sending the e-mail address to make sure that the letter came to the address and he really exists.

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